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What is an ultrasound and why does my pet need one?  

Ultrasound is the use of sound waves to generate images of internal body structures. At Hampstead Animal Hospital we offer ultrasound exams as a non invasive method of diagnosing many conditions.  Your veterinarian may have requested an ultrasound exam of your pet for one of the following reasons:

ultra sound

Abnormal bloodwork
Vomiting or diarrhea that has lasted for a long time
Weight loss with no change in eating habits
Chronic infections
Change in urinary habits
Baseline ultrasound for future examination (geriatric patients)
Cancer staging
Fluid in chest or abdomen
To conduct biopsy procedures on internal organs

What information will an ultrasound give you?

Ultrasound is a great diagnostic tool because it allows us to examine internal organs for location, size, shape, texture and blood supply in a non invasive way. Unfortunately, ultrasound does not always give us a clear picture of how well the specific organ is working, this may be determined by other tests such as bloodwork or additional imaging.

What is going to happen to my pet during an ultrasound exam?

At Hampstead Animal Hospital we care about your pet as much as you do and want the ultrasound exam to be a positive experience! Your pet may need to have areas of fur clipped and potentially have mild sedation to allow the veterinarian to conduct the best possible assessment. 

Will the doctor discuss results with me? 

After the exam your veterinarian will discuss your pet's ultrasound with you and make recommendations for follow-up care. If your pet had sedation or additional tests you will be given any special instructions at this time.

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