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What is Veterinary Endoscopy?   


Veterinary endoscopy is a minimally invasive technique for performing examinations or procedures through natural openings in the body. Using cameras attached to a small flexible or rigid tube, endoscopy allows our veterinarians to see within organs such as the stomach, esophagus, intestine, airway, and ear canal. Directly viewing the interior of an organ is often very helpful in determining the cause of a problem and establishing a diagnosis.

The endoscope can also be used to take biopsy samples or perform minimally invasive surgery. This has the advantage of being less traumatic (than standard surgery) to the patient and allows for a faster recovery. 

What are the Benefits?  

Endoscopy3By performing procedures endoscopically our veterinarians offer their patients less pain, minimal recovery time and fewer complications. Due to the nature of endoscopy procedures, the amount and duration of anesthesia is much less than would be needed for a standard surgical procedure. Overall, endoscopy is a less painful and traumatic alternative for both patient and owner. 

What is Video Otoscopy?

Video otoscopy is a form of endoscopy used to evaluate the ear canal. The video otoscope is a special endoscope designed for use in the ear canal. It has high quality optics and an operating channel for surgical instruments and flushing solutions, allowing for superior diagnostic and treatment capabilities on stubborn ear problems.

Ear infections are one of the most common reasons dogs and cats come to us for veterinary care. While most mild ear infections can be treated successfully without anesthesia, there are situations where a more serious infection cannot be adequately diagnosed or treated until a deep ear cleaning and video otoscopic procedure are performed. Endoscopy2

Evaluation of the ear canal using a video otoscope will often reveal problems such as middle ear infection, ruptured eardrum, polyp, or tumor that are very difficult to diagnose without the superior imaging and magnification this equipment provides.



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